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Coming all the way from Fargo ND, BLOCH finally arrived in the City.
Silent Barn, Brooklyn
Oct 10: Bloch at the Silent OH!
Oct 15: Bloch Hanmalogue at Viral Joint
> Onderdonk House, Ridgewood
Oct 17: Bloch Party with Open House New York
Oct 24: Bloch Parade to the Knockdown Center
> Knockdown Center, Maspeth Queens
Oct 30: Bloch Séance with Joan Carra
Nov 21: BHQFU Bloch Comedy Night
Nov 22: Bloch Thanksgiving Pancake Feed
Dec 9 - Jan 9: Exhibition with Performances & Conference

BLOCH - from Urnäsch to North Dakota

Compilation of the first six stations of the BLOCH art project: Urnäsch – St.Gallen – Bern – Berlin – Shanghai - North Dakota (2011-2014). More Videos, Photos and Texts can be found on the Bloch Website.


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